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How to submit a Technology support request
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To submit a support request you will first need to log in to the help desk.  From the home screen please select "Login" from either of the circled links. 







On the next screen select the "Google Apps" button to login with your district credentials. This will be the same username/password used to access your district Gmail account.  








Once logged into the service desk it will take you to the knowledge base, this section will continue to expand over time and is searchable in the upper left hand corner. You may search or browse for topics that may be relevant to your issue. If no solution is found you may also submit a technology request from here. 








This screen will present you with a form to fill out, once completed pressing the "Create Ticket" button at the bottom will submit your request to the Tech Department! You may also manage or check progress on your existing tickets by selecting the "Tickets" tab on this same screen.




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