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Setup time clock on your mobile!
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Time Clock Mobile App Setup


Install the App:

To get started you will need to visit the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the Apple App Store (for iPhone users) to search for and install “TCP MobileClock”. To complete the configuration of this application your device is required to be connected to district wireless. The wireless network “FOXSD” is used for staff personal devices and an active connection to it is required when clocking in or out with this application. Details on how to access district wireless are covered in a separate document, if you are not yet connected please refer to that then return here once successfully connected to district wireless.

Configure App Settings:

Once the application installation is completed open the app and on the first screen (first screenshot below) you will see options for “Customer ID” and “Manual Setup”.  We will need to select “Manual Setup” and enter the following settings:

  • HOST = timeclock
  • PORT = 8081




The next screen will provide some information about push notifications, press next to continue. The following two screens will ask you to login, for this you will only need to enter in your TimeClock ID number. This is the same number that was provided to you to clock in and out with and serves as both “ID Number” and “Password” for the final two screens. Once these are completed you will be able to open the app and simply enter your ID to clock in or out.



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